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The Psoas is the deepest core muscle in the body and the largest of the hip flexors. It is the only muscle that connects the spine with the legs. The Psoas has a significant impact on posture and spinal stability and often contributes to low back and pelvic pain. Because the Psoas runs so deep, it can be a tricky muscle to release when tight, which is very common from sitting. Psoas Trauma Release is a sequence of exercises performed to help shake and vibrate stored tension out of the Psoas so it can return back to its normal resting length. Angela will guide you through the sequence so you can experience the release yourself and you’ll also receive a printout so you can continue to practice at home.


Location: 1329 Spring St. Paso Robles Upstairs (Loft) walk through Relic Antique store hallway, walk down the hallway and at the end turn right to head upstairs.   


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