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Experience Life Changing, Body Altering, Mind-Set Sifting, & Soul Transformation

Welcome to Loft conveniently located at 1329 Spring Street, downtown in charming Paso Robles. We are located upstairs above Relic Antique store in the unique dome shape building right across from The Boot Barn. At the Loft we have a variety of group classes for Restorative/Therapeutic, Scuplt, HIIT, Vinyasa, Power, Hatha, Pilates, and Fusion classes. Along with a incredible variety of group classes we also specialize in one on one training to get the results and benefits of a personalized practice. Private sessions are to increase athletic performance, help with stress, give you a great Introduction to yoga, spiritual development, overcome blockages, and so much more. We also love our mobile yoga program, we bring the yoga class to provide you with the convenience of a home practice, at your retreat, work meeting, vacation rental, family reunion, bachelorette party, and so much more. See you on the mat. Also check out our 805 Adventures

Two Classrooms and over 30 + classes

A regular temperature classroom and a classroom with a state of the art infrared heated classroom.

More About Heated Classes-  The panels being used to heat the second classroom is infrared. Infrared heat has a lot of healing benefits. Heat is sacred and an ancient practice for healing and detoxification. We are excited to offer an optimal and informed way to approach this practice to get the best results.  We will offer water with the option to scoop a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to charge the water. A pinch of salt is remarkable as it has 80 essential minerals, gives proper electrolyte balance which is necessary for nerve and muscle function. It is important to replenish the minerals that are sweated out. Heat classes will be a variety from power, flow, sculpt, Yin, Pilate/ Yoga blend, and Intro to heat classes. 


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Yoga Schedule

Check out our variety of classes.


At Dharma Yoga we are excited to offer you a variety of special events, workshop, sup yoga, day retreats and more. keep up to date on events here

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A variety a retreats are offered throughout the year, locally and internationally. 



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