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Reset Yogi

Mindfulness,Meditation, Mudras, Mantras, Deep Belly Breathing, and Movement through Asanas (yoga postures) are all remedies for the body, heart, and soul

  • Upgrade your mind

  • Learn Transformation techniques

  • Embody the ancient wisdom & power of movement


The Dharma Yoga Team is excited you are here ready to commit to your personal well-being. Get the Most out of your 30 day Reset program by attending as many classes, sound bath’s, weekly meditation and doing a Sadhana practice, which a daily spiritual practice. Many wonder why they do not feel at their optimal self, it is often because you are not considering how aligning your body, your mind, your heart, and your spirit is not only a nice idea, it is essential and a remedy for inner well-being.

Upgrade your Mind

Reframing” Technique - “Reframing is all about changing how we think to change how we feel. When we’re stressed, we often become our worst enemy. We tell ourselves we can’t do it.” Koko Founder Robert Morris The Huffington Post. “But we can always reframe our thoughts,” he explained. “The problem is that this skill can be hard to learn . Our brain’s ability to think flexibly and with poise gets impaired and so we tend to fixate on the worst possible interpretations.” Example: “Let’s say you’re worried about looking foolish if, during a presentation at work, someone asks you a question to which you don’t know the answer.” It is helpful to remind ourselves that it is okay not to know something. To flip the script, reminding you that colleagues with good questions are a benefit to your work and that no one thinks less of someone who says “I don’t know,” As Liz Stinson wrote in wired.

Affirmations & Mantras: using words to create intention. You can personalize the energy and intention behind your affirmations and mantras around your needs using at the present time you are in. Affirmations are statements to help overcome self-sabotaging negative thoughts. Affirmations help you visualize and create positive change. Mantra in Sanskrit means mind and tra means protect. A mantra can be repeated to lull the mind into ease and reset the mind.

Yoga Movement, Stillness & Meditation- not often known but yoga is more than physical movement. Yoga movements are designed to cleanse the body, release tension, lengthen and strengthen the muscles while stimulating many of the vital organs, supporting the lymphatic system and bringing calm to the nervous system. When movement is combined with breath we receive optimal benefits for the body and mind. Yoga postures are designed a the foundation to enter into a meditation practice. Meditation and stillness are necessary for greater insight and awareness of our limiting thoughts, to surrender, and to allow.

Yoga Teaches

  • You are more than your mind

  • Understand the ego and getting to know your higher self.

  • Awareness practices such as Noticing the path of least resistance, mindfulness, being in the present moment

  • The five points of yoga: Proper exercise, proper breathing, nutrition, relaxation, and positive thinking/meditation

Your Body Speaks - understanding the language of the body and emotions. Throughout the 30 days we hope you will learn more about the language your body speaks. When we take time on the mat we will slow down to hear and listen into the inner communication. Inner work, time in mindful movement helps us to understand ourselves better, validate, reflect and be aware of what is happening inside. Some of the greatest travels we do in this life our the travels we take within. Sitting with what is not comfortable is equally apart of the practice, to sit and be with the resistance. Welcome yourself each time on the mat as you are, a practice of self acceptance and radical self love. You will practice being with the resistance instead of avoid, ignore, or detour around it. Instead you will learn the practice of placing yourself in the seat of the observer, to be aware instead of judge.

Reset with a daily Home Practice along with your in Studio Practice

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