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Sign up for the 30 day Reset to see and feel the difference a regular practice can make. It cost nothing extra to join, you just need a unlimited membership or buy or use your current yoga pass to join. Reset and challenge yourself to start a healthy routine that considers your mind, body, heart, and soul. Receive lasting tools and time on the mat to hit the re-set button all of us needs. Reset physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The biggest Reset is coming to classes and during the 30 days classes will have themes, we’ve added weekly meditation, a meditation workshop, and weekly sound baths to get you started. It is about commitment to your personal well-being. You’ll notice a difference from dedication and time you give during the 30 day reset. We are excited for you to invest in yourself. You can choose your focus. Reset Heal, Reset Heart & Soul, Reset Get Fit, Reset by Empowering the Mind….

The 30 day Challenge and rewards program is from May 20 -June 15

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Reset 30 Day Program May 20-June 18

Reset Body

  • Reset- Get Fit

    All classes during the 30 days will support alignment, optimal form, and motivating. To reset and get fit you will want to attend as many classes as you can. Look for sculpt, power, fusion, and flow classes if you are looking for a good challenge. Plus attend the Circuit Class June 1, 10:45 am -12pm. Chelcy and Jena. The class involves rotations between the main classroom and heated classroom. Sculpt, HIIT, Resistant bands, gliders, and more. A wellness talk with Chelcy on how to reset your metabolism through High intensity, proper nutrition, and hydration.

  • Reset Nutrition- Add on more to your program with a reset shake/cleanse. You can eat food and it is easy to add this shake into your 30 days. We have teamed up with Bobbi from The Natural Alternative and she is offering her assistance and shake kit program 20 percent off.

  • Reset Cleanse & Burn Calories- Participant of the Reset program can go to The Spa Central Coast and receive 25 percent off the far infrared sauna and Health & Wellness Coaching with Ali is 25 percent off.

  • Reset- Heal -Come to classes with titles like yin, yoga nidra, heal, or deep stretch. You will also want to attend meditation and the sound bath for a reset on a focus on healing.

Reset Mind

Meditation - Weekly meditation during the 30 days. Take the full opportunity to reset by participating in class held Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 am And June 9th is a special Meditation workshop June 9th at 5pm $25 for reset participants.

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Sign up at the Front Desk or by Email at pasoyoga.com

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