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Lindsay Gaines is a Registered Nurse and Integrative Yoga Teacher. She guides those with chronic physical or emotional struggles, who are frustrated with the typical medical model, open to new modalities, and are ready to revive themselves. Using nursing education and experience, as well as (w)holistic modalities and intuition, her clients elevate their spirit and enhance their quality of life. She grew up in Northern California and shortly after receiving her Bachelors in Nursing from Samuel Merritt University in the Bay Area, began working at Atascadero State Hospital.  In 2014 she began working with an Art Therapist which opened up a passion for more holistic methods of healing the body and mind.  Having always loved yoga and movement, she became a Registered Yoga instructor through Dharma Yoga Loft's Shine YTT program.  Her goal is to aid people in healing their heart, mind and body.  She currently lives in Atascadero with her 3 fur babies and husband.