Upcoming Workshops

Elemental Movement, Sound Healing, Breathwork, & Reiki

This gathering encourages the mind to observe the body in its e-motional expression of each element.

Symanth guides us through dance/yoga with the elements via a guided meditation allowing us to release and align through movement. She invites you in to your temple to create a conversation with your divine wisdom of love flowing through your body. Welcome into your temple the awareness of elemental cycling.
Incorporating ancient chinese medicines 5 elements of the e-motional body with the inner awareness of the divine masculine & feminine as you move through your body’s myofascial tissues.
Jamie will then guide us into breathwork and sound healing. Listening to the Tibetan bowls, crystal sound bowls, tongue drum, chimes, plus many other sacred instruments and attending to the breathwork can truly be transformative. The process is explorative for our spirituality and consciousness.

There will be a period of silence at the end as Jamie provides hands-on Reiki to all wanting to receive. This will help integrate the vibrations and calm further into stillness.

Love Offering: $30
Venmo: Jamie-Dubin

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Sign Up, $35 pre-registration rate here