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Wellness begins here

 You are in the right place and this is just what you have been looking for if you want life changing, body altering, mind-set sifting, and soul transformation. We got you covered. Enjoy looking at packages below. Along with the packages below we also offer free consultations to book a session and we create a personalized packages for you. pasoyoga@gmail.com  

Reset & Revitalize 


Your Package To Restore 

Where have you ever learned to relax? Seriously has anyone ever taught you. Maybe you have read a few books on how yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can revitalize and renew all the way on a cellular level. You will not only read and hear about it the incredible benefits but you will actually practice and feel the amazing refreshing and recharging benefits.  And get this, you will know the tools to reshape your day, kick start your morning, and create deeper rest in your sleep hours. You can learn and we have the plan for you all packages up in a beautiful gift your you to unwrap. 


  • Mind-set sifting techniques that will get you unstuck

  • Feel refreshed, more energy, and greater focus

  • Body Altering, with more movement, oxygenation, and techniques you are gonna feel lighter, relaxed, and peaceful.

Like what you hear. Come feel the difference and unlock the bundle of peace and serenity. 

We think packages give you a greater chance to embody the experience of basically a retreat like program all while living your normal life. You will be given tools on how to not only live in the real world but thrive. The essential ingredient is re-shaping the internal world so the outward world which only really reflect how you fill inside. Learn to manage your time, create space to grow, self study, and practice daily love your self rituals. 

Bundle includes:

Unlimited yoga for refreshing daily movement, a Reset & Revitalize workshop - a 60 minute inspirational and personalized plan for you. A delightful 45 minute phone consultation half way through the program, and stay on track weekly emails.  All this values out to $365 and given to you $222 for a 30 day plan + 4 months of unlimited yoga following the first 30 days, $89 to keep Revitalizing 


Sunshine + Soul 

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Your Package for Soul-filled Inspiration 

Aches and pain don't just sit in our muscles. As you know some of the deepest pain we feel is not just physical, it is felt emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The journey is a process and possibly you are seeking out another way. What if I told you there is a better way ? Would you want to know. 

Because you are bad-ass and you have some amazing inner resources and we are here to help you access inner roadmap and help you know the best CEO of your life is you. And the path of yoga is all about self realization. It like you unveil yourself and take the layers of bondage and strip them down layer by layer. And what this journey is often called is "shadow" work. Doing the work and seeing the stuff that has been hiding in the dark is painful yet it is the most powerful work we can do in this life (earth school). It is also the most rewarding and transformational and you don't have to do it alone. There are many tools in which you can use to cross the bridge and get to the other side. Facing the resistance is challenging but so worth it.