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Shakti Dance will be back up and running Feb 3 and March 3 and May 5th This gathering of women has been a potent medicine for unveiling deep releases from within the mind and spirit. When we gather as sister's and dance we can tap into our ancient wisdom and that open's up a world with in us that wants to be expressed. We can find new things out about our hearts and minds when we dance with intention and love. 

About Jillian:

I have been holding sacred shakti dances for over 10 years- and I know the magic each woman holds with her is so divine and wanting to be expressed. This is a free form experience so there is no demand on how to dance - it is just about being free to feel the music and let open what is being called to open- like a lotus flower coming up from the depths. This dance is a simple format of women creating sacred space together and dancing to sacred music- specifically chosen to awaken our chakra's for healing and bliss. 


I began my journey with Ecstatic dance here in SLO with Dance Church and loved dancing freely with no social expectation to socialize that I looked further into becoming a facilitator. I found Kundalini Dance at festivals and felt a huge activation with in my being when I connected my chakra's, with dance and specific musical beats. I was trained as a facilitator in 2007 and saw this powerful work transform grief in the body to bliss, pain in the body to orgasmic ecstasy and ancestoral pain from past lives to healing lineages of suffering. 


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Private sessions are also available

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