Qi Gong Workshop


January 20th 11:30 am-1:30pm $30


Qigong: The Cultivation of ‘qi’ (pronounced chee) also known as life force or pervasive life energy.

In this workshop we will explore the anatomy and physiology of the energy body, learning powerful and effective qigong meditations in order to cultivate this pervasive life energy (qi) in our own bodies for the purposes of overall health, well being and personal growth. 

When we are ill or having a difficult time in life we are experiencing diminished, obstructed or unbalanced flow of qi. The moving meditations taught in this workshop will help us to return to our natural and vibrant state by cultivating and gathering qi, eliminating obstructions and correcting imbalances in our energy bodies. By balancing the body’s energy system we unleash its’ intrinsic capacity to heal and uncover our natural ability to thrive. 

These meditations are accessible to all as they are low impact. We will utilize the breath and gentle movements as well as the mind as a powerful tool to move awareness and energy within.


Lara Goldman began studying and practicing qigong when she found herself lost in chronic health issues that neither western nor holistic medical practices could seem to untangle. She began seeing her primary teacher, Damaris Jarboux, as a client due to her poor health condition and was so profoundly and positively affected by the treatment that she hungrily began seeking as much information on medical qigong as she could find. Completing a 4 year training in medical qigong was only the beginning of Lara's dive into the deep and bottomless study of qigong healing. She now teaches regularly in addition to having a private practice where she gives individual qigong healing treatments. Prior to becoming absorbed in the practice of qigong, Lara had, for many years, been teaching yoga at various studios in Boulder, Colorado. Lara still appreciates and enjoys a good yoga practice but as a busy mom, given a luxurious hour of time to practice, she is almost always drawn to choosing qigong.

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