Most of you have probably heard the term "know thyself." Life is a continuous process of learning about yourself, others, and your surroundings and you are never "there." A great place to hone your focus is on yourself, since that's where you have the most power and influence. Astrological birth charts are a very powerful tool in learning about what makes you tick, and where your strengths & weaknesses lie. It is your unique blueprint in this life, as no one was born on the same day, at the same exact time, in the same place. It is these 3 specific factors that make a birth chart and if you've never read yours, here's your chance, it will not disappoint!


Angela has been studying birth charts, planetary energies, and the world of astrology extensively for over 5 years. She enjoys providing others with their birth charts as she strongly believes in the usefulness of the specific information it contains. This workshop will include a printout of your unique birth chart (so bring your birth certificate, or look up the exact time and place you were born if you don't already know before you come). Angela will provide her special signature beverages so you have something yummy to sip on while you dissect your chart. We will all have an opportunity to ask questions, share, laugh, and learn more about ourselves together.